Obscura CEO Chris Lejeune Speaks at WiredUK

November 4, 2016 Inspiration

Obscura CEO Chris Lejeune was invited to speak at WiredUK’s annual conference at London’s Tobacco Dock this week, joining some of the world’s most disruptive minds in conversation about the trends of tomorrow.

In 17 sessions across two days, this conference features talks from ground-breaking artists, creators and innovators — whether they’re building bionic arms, fighting cancer with genomics, defending human rights, studying sun storms, making Bollywood movies or moonshots. Big thinkers.


Chris, aptly billed amongst other “ambitious artists”, spoke on his passion: using the power of cutting-edge technology, imagery and artistry to create a movement — in this case bringing global awareness to the crisis of rapid species extinction through Obscura’s work with the film Racing Extinction.

The movement is still growing, but it needs to reach a tipping point. So, as Chris likes to say, we’re just getting started, and we welcome collaborators.

Read WiredUK’s story on Chris, and see the talk below:

By Will Chase