Obscura Wins FestX Award for Coachella’s Antarctic Dome

December 29, 2017 Projects

After 14 years producing the (fantastic, if you have anything to do with live event production) XLive Conference, the organizers decided to offer awards for excellence in event production this year. And so the FestX awards were born.

In 13 different categories, 57 festival finalists were selected after a monthlong public online submission period. From film to food to rock festivals, the finalists spanned nearly every size, vibe and genre. More than 120 global festival industry insiders submitted entries for consideration, and the final nominees were truly global. Finalists hailed from four continents and thirteen countries.

Obscura was honored to win “Best Use of Technology in a Festival” for our work with Coachella to create The Antarctic Dome, a 120-foot diameter geodesic projection dome, with Chrysalis, a mind-blowing, 9-minute long 360º projection program which would pretty much melt your face. (And the judges apparently liked that feature.)

Thank you XLive!

By Will Chase