Racing Extinction Wins Awards at Wildscreen Festival

November 7, 2016 Projects
Adrienne Hall (Photo courtesy of Wildscreen)

Adrienne Hall (Photo courtesy of Wildscreen)

In 2015, Obscura was selected by Oscar-winning director Louie Psihoyos to project images of endangered animals on iconic buildings like the Empire State Building and St. Paul’s Basilica at the Vatican to amplify the message of species extinction. Footage of these epic events was included in Psihoyos’s eco-thriller feature film, Racing Extinction.

We’re proud to share that Racing Extinction has been awarded the Creative Innovation Award and the Impact Award at the Wildscreen Festival, the most prestigious conference in the wildlife and natural history media space — it’s often referred to as the Green Oscars. Sound Off Film’s Adrienne Hall was there to accept the award on behalf of the team (and give us a nice shout out!).

Congratulations to Louie and his team, and thank you for inviting Obscura to be a part of this important film, helping to forward this crucial movement.

By Will Chase