The Power of Imagery

October 17, 2016 Projects

When Louie Psihoyos of the Oceanic Preservation Society wanted to amplify the message of species extinction to reach as broad an audience as possible, he reached out to his good friends, who happen to be world-famous National Geographic Society photographers and filmmakers. This profession has always been on the front lines, seeing first hand how the world’s natural resources have been impacted by human activity. Naturally, They were “all in”.

“We’ve always thought that pictures have power. Pictures have the power to astound, and they have the power to illustrate. They have the power to convince the unconvinced. The hardest job in the world.” – David Doubilet, National Geographic Photographer

These artists generously provided their extensive library of nature photography to the effort, allowing Obscura to project these powerful images onto the world’s most iconic buildings — the United Nations Headquarters, the Empire State Building, and St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, to start — bringing this important story out from behind the shadows and into the light for the world to witness.

Watch this inspiring video about the project, and see for yourself how the power of imagery can engage, inspire, educate, and ultimately spark a movement. There’s more yet to come. Together, we can create a tipping point … join us.

By Will Chase