Winter Party 2017

February 26, 2017 Inspiration

Obscura’s annual Winter Party is renowned for being one doozy of a shindig. Not only is it a showcase for the incredibly talented performers in our network, it’s also an opportunity for Obscura’s artists and technologists to show off their skills. Nearly everything that’s on display is created for the event, based on our chosen theme. This year’s was “Heart of Glass”, and our team created some amazing animations and interactive experiences for it.

While past parties have seen curveballs like a projection-mapped petting zoo (no sheep were hurt in the process), interactive floors, and a mechanical bull, this year’s saw no shortage of surprises, including a mariachi band, belly dancers, slo-mo video booth, and the debut of the Binary Garden interactive art installation and a dynamic projection mapping project.

The Obscura crew has deep roots in throwing large scale events, a dedication to high production values, and an amazing network of creative people, so it’s no surprise that the Winter Party has become a must-see Bay Area event. Obscura’s production team works for weeks to transform our headquarters into a magical environment for the night.

Enjoy our video recap of the festivities:

By Will Chase