Obscura’s AT&T Stadium Experience Announced as a One Show Award Finalist for Responsive Environments

Today the One Show announced award finalists for Branded Entertainment, Design and Responsive Environments. Obscura’s creative technology for the AT&T Stadium Experience earned the team an award for the “Responsive Environments / Architecture – Built” category. In partnership with AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys, Obscura has reimagined the stadium experience, empowering fans with a groundbreaking new interactive media platform including the LiveFX Board and Immersive Columns.

Link: http://www.oneclub.org/finalists/showcase


OneShow Finalists

Obscura Wins an Internationalist Award for Innovation in Media for the LUMINA Panoramic Gallery Display

Winners in the 7th Annual Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media underscore new shifts in brand strategy, planning, and activation. Obscura’s custom-designed hardware and software system for Tisheman Speyer’s LUMINA Sales Gallery provides an 3D environment with an immersive projection platform for media content, which simulates panoramic views at scale within a high-rise luxury residential sales gallery.



Internationalist 2015

Obscura Sweeps the DSE 2015 Apex Awards

Taking home the two largest prizes, Obscura won both the Apex Installation of the Year and Content of the Year Awards, in addition to winning three other awards! Obscura’s award-winning projects included the AT&T Stadium Experience in Arlington, TX, the “illUmiNations” large-scale architectural projections at the United Nations in New York, and the College Football Hall of Fame interactive media wall in Atlanta, GA.

Link: http://www.digitalsignageconnection.com/apex-installation-awards-presented-dse-2015-122

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Obscura Unveils an Immersive Spherical Projection Theater for Dubai 360


DUBAI // Breathtaking views from a rarely seen perspective are on show to the public at the world’s largest interactive virtual city tour. The city comes alive within a sphere presented by Dubai 360, a website that offers panoramic views. Dubai Mall shoppers can step inside a giant ball in the Star Atrium, walk along a suspended footbridge to the centre of the ball, and experience a fast-paced six-minute film of Dubai shot in 360 degrees. The installation is a 15-metre diameter spherical projection theatre, built by San Francisco company Obscura Digital. Open for public viewing for free, visitors to the Sphere will witness cutting-edge technology from the moment they step inside. Powered by 18 projectors running simultaneously, the dome-surround projections show iconic locations such as Burj Khalifa and The Palm Jumeirah in a way never seen before. The launch of Dubai 360 has established new standards for how people experience a city. The Sphere is another extension of that experience. The basic idea was to create a physical space where we take the high-quality, panoramic content from the Dubai 360 website and present it in a unique way, to offer a fully immersive journey. Dubai 360 is the first virtual city tour that uses fully interactive and immersive 360-degree panoramic photo, time-lapse and video content.

The modified Tesla in ‘Racing Extinction’ that’s worthy of James Bond

From electroluminescent paint to license plate masking, movie magic gets real in new thriller.

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OPS Tesla News Image

Obscura’s team has been working undercover on the concept, design, software, hardware, and engineering of the OPS Tesla Mobile Projection Vehicle for the film Racing Extinction, and now its ready to activate…