Creators Project: To Save Trees, Travis Threlkel Is Lighting Them on Fire

March 17, 2017
This article originally appeared in Creators Project

What better way to increase environmental awareness than lighting trees on fire at a rock concert? Starry Nites, an outdoor performance in the mountains Santa Barbara on May 18–19, will feature exactly that. Sidenote: the flames will actually be the results of intricate light projections, but Fire Eyes, the work, will still be lit. Travis Threlkel is bringing it to the two-day musical event in order to create an environmental call to action.

The event is part-music festival featuring The Kills, Sky Parade, The Dandy Warhols and at least 20 more, and part-environmental call-to-action. As the founder of Obscura Digital, Threlkel has been creating rule-bending experiments with light since he was a teenager.

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By Will Chase