LA Times: At Coachella, the Antarctic is melting (minds, that is)

April 25, 2017
This article originally appeared in Los Angeles Times

Coachella has never lacked for mind-altering things to look at, but a new digital art installation is meant to completely overwhelm you.

The Antarctic is a planetarium-style dome near the main entrance. Outside, it looks like a normal white tent, but the interior is rigged like a ravey James Turrell installation.

If you look up from one of the 500 or so bean-bag-like chairs during during each 15-minute session, your entire field of vision is consumed with cosmic images and drippy animations. If you already thought Coachella was loopy, you’re in for quite a ride here.

The film whips you around the cosmos, into DNA strands and through a cubist fantasia of light, color and heavy bass drones. A lot of it looked like ’90s EDM fliers; some of it tried to match Joshua Tree’s eerie emptiness.

All throughout the movie, fans shrieked with shock and glee at each twist.

It looks to be a hit for the San Francisco creative studio Obscura Digital, to judge from the gee-whiz moods of the fans exiting.

“That was crazy! I didn’t expect that at all,” said 26-year-old Sammy Chung from Seattle.

This is her first Coachella, and though she knew a bit of what to expect from the annual flood of Coachella pictures, the totality of it all left her head spinning (in a good way).

“We thought [the Antarctic] would just be a visual experience, but it was everywhere. It was amazing.”

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By Will Chase