Li Ka Shing Foundation Partners with Obscura to Unveil a 360-Degree Projection System at Shantou University’s New Arena

July 2, 2015

Sir Li Ka-shing, Honorary Chairman of the Shantou University’s Council and Founder of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, spoke to an audience of 6,000 people at the 2015 STU Commencement Ceremony in June.

Throughout his speech, which emphasized empathy as a key mindset for mission driven thrivers, a 3D phoenix, symbolizing STU’s spirit, took flight over scenes depicting the history of the university and the region with a 360 degree projection system designed by Obscura.

According to Mr. Li Ka Shing, Obscura wowed the crowds with this custom designed innovative multimedia experience and he applauds the company for its pioneering use of technology creating limitless possibilities.

Image: The Standard, June 29, 2015: Obscura’s founders Travis Threlkel and Chris Lejeune with Mr. Li Ka-shing (middle right) and Obscura’s 360-projection system (top middle) at the STU Commencement Ceremony in Shantou, China

Press Release:

By Will Chase