Salesforce Wall Racking Up the Accolades

May 11, 2017

The Salesforce lobby video wall continues to be heaped with praise and appreciation from all corners. San Francisco tour buses have made it a regular stop on their route around town, people flock to it to take and share photos — and the design community has offered its own accolades in the form of a plentitude of awards.

We’re proud to announce that the Salesforce West Lobby Pixelscape project (as it’s technically called) has recently won the following:
  • The One Show – MERIT AWARD
    • Design | C32: Indoor Spaces – Salesforce West Lobby Pixelscape
  • Art Director’s Club – MERIT AWARD
    • Digital | DI-523-S: Installation – Single – Salesforce West Lobby Pixelscape

We’re honored to have been able to work with a partner like Salesforce to realize this ambitious creative vision. Thanks also to our creative partner in the effort, Fusion CI Studios. Congratulations to the team on this well-earned recognition!


By Will Chase