Formed in the Bay Area in 2007, Beats Antique is a performance troupe known for their mix of musical genres and live shows. To bring storytelling to life, they mix audio samples and heavy percussives with dance and performance art.

For their “A Thousand Faces: Act 1,” Obscura joined forces with director Ivan Landau and a band of artists to bring an elaborate stage production of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” to life.

The show was a successful fusion of Obscura’s performance technology innovations with Beats Antique’s rich multi-dimensional stage art.

Obscura mapped the entire stage set for an architectural projection experience that flows with optical illusion, transforming the physical into the metaphysical. “We wanted to create something that was new, yet nostalgic,” stated Ivan Landau. “The visual storytelling comes right off the stage, like a pop-up book, seamlessly blending hand-made artistry with technology.”

Unique content pieces were created for each of the show’s nineteen songs. The visual content includes miniature sets, puppetry, clay animation, 3D animation, painting, illustration, photography, and live action. Obscura was able to integrate this diverse collection of artwork into its projection mapping system, as well as design transition pieces that shift on-stage perspectives.

Obscura’s interactive motion tracking software follows the movements of performer Zoe Jakes with real-time visuals such as particles, masking, and lighting treatments, helping to visually extend her live performance. The band has full control during the show to enable these special effects, adding new dynamic elements from one show to next during the tour.

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