Binary Garden is a multi-user, remote-controlled realtime interactive digital artwork. Anybody with a smartphone can connect to the system via a web browser to interact with the display, without using an app, Bluetooth or WiFi. While the implementation shown here happens to be a multi-touch screen interface, the system is display-independent, and can be run on LED, LCD, translucent LCD or projected on any surface.

The Binary Garden supports unlimited simultaneous users, and since the display can be projected on any surface at any scale, the system offers incredible opportunities for producing massive multi-user interactive art experiences (on the side of a massive building, or on a giant high-definition LCD wall display, for instance).

All of this is happening in realtime — what happens on your smartphone screen happens simultaneously on the display. The implementation shown here uses entirely algorithmically generated graphics, but the system can be augmented to include pre-generated content as well (imagine “painting” on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”). It can also be augmented to integrate with and react to a smartphone’s gyroscopic rotation sensors, or to record a user’s interaction with the display for later playback.