Bluescape is the result of a partnership between Haworth, designers of collaborative work environments, and Obscura. With a focus on workplace effectiveness, the two companies developed the initial product vision for the business solution, which Obscura transformed into an entirely new kind of workplace tool.

Bluescape is a touchscreen that spans a conference room wall. It displays a seamless image across multiple linked flat-screen monitors, each equipped to read users’ hand gestures. The digital surface covers an astonishing 160 acres and allows users to capture brainstorming sessions, add digital notes, upload documents from other devices, and more—all recorded by a digital timeline.

With Bluescape, teams can visualize and fluidly interact with ideas and information in an infinite, visual workspace. Anyone can access, contribute, and collaborate, anytime, from anywhere. Obscura designed the experience to be fully intuitive, with a flawless flow, high definition, and rich aesthetic quality.

In 2013, Bluescape earned Haworth and Obscura the “Best of Competition” award and a Gold Award in the Workplace Technologies category at the Best of NeoCon competition.

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Images Courtesy of Haworth