Every year, Youtube hosts Brandcast, its “upfront” event which engages advertisers with a dynamic and entertaining live show showcasing Youtube’s best content and properties. Every year since 2011, Youtube has entrusted Obscura with creating the immersive digital experience for the event, which took place at Radio City Music Hall in 2018.

Obscura worked with a handful of creative and technology partners to develop a wide variety of media that made good use of all of Radio City Music Hall’s 36 permanent projectors, the 90’x40′ 8K LED screen, and audio and lighting systems to create a dazzling and memorable experience. The content was customized for each element of the event, from speakers to videos to live performances and special surprises.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the finest names in the entertainment industry, helping to bring their creative visions to life. Working with such world-class talent spurs us to continually raise the bar as we transform live events into rich immersive experiences.