Google IO 2012

In 2006, artist Brian Eno released 77 Million Paintings, described as “visual music”: a continually evolving sound-and-image tapestry that explores the aesthetic possibilities of “generative software.”

The software consists of 296 original works, which are overlaid up to four at a time, yielding a possible 77 million combinations. The combined imagery is projected onto a screen, accompanied by randomly generated music. The result is a virtually infinite number of image-sound variations.

For the Long Now Foundation’s US premier of 77 Million Paintings, which took place at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Obscura provided projection technology that delivered incredible optimal fidelity. A three-channel, high-definition rear projection system created video streams generated in real time by Brian Eno’s custom software.

Visual layers slowly evolved into colorful abstractions, with additional sensory texture created by original audio. The three-night exhibit was very well received and described as “perfect” by Mr. Eno.