Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the new College Football Hall of Fame is a hybrid hall of fame and museum dedicated to the sport. The venue provides a highly engaging interactive experience using a blend of college football artifacts and state-of-the-art exhibits.

The Hall’s sponsorship team partnered with Obscura to create the centerpiece exhibit, an interactive media wall that seamlessly blends the heritage of college football with cutting-edge technology.

The Chick-fil-A “Why We Love College Football” display is a 52-foot long, multitouch interactive canvas that sets the stage for an exciting visit. Upon arrival, visitors register and receive an RFID lanyard; as they approach the wall, the RFID reader triggers modal changes in the software, and the wall’s content is dynamically configured to the visitor’s college football team. An orchestrated blend of media, including tens of thousands of image, video, and sound assets, populate thirty-nine continuous screens.

The installation provides visitors a unique, playful, and highly engaging tour, with access to 765 NCAA College Football teams at their fingertips. Next-generation touch-sensing technology, developed by Obscura, turns an otherwise standard video wall into a full multitouch display capable of delivering a nearly limitless number of simultaneous custom interactions.