Google Zeitgeist is an annual series of gatherings that attracts top global thinkers and leaders. The event provides a venue for sharing ideas that affect our social, economic, political, and cultural surroundings.

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For a recent Zeitgeist, Google turned to Obscura to help create an environment that would impress their sophisticated VIP attendees. The solution was to house the gala dinner in a 90-foot dome theater, which was constructed next to the Googleplex, the company’s headquarters complex.

Guests were awed as nine channels of HD video were blended into a massive, 16-megapixel projection on a 6,000 square-foot display surface. Attendees were taken on a two-hour visual odyssey, beginning with glacial scenes, then moving through abstract natural beauty, and culminating with a ride that took them to the far edges of the universe and back.

Dome Partner:  Pacific Domes