In celebration of the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017, Obscura created large-scale landscape projections for the Oregon Eclipse festival. We set up a scaffold of four Christie Boxer 30k projectors on one side of a lake, and projected a variety of media across a 400′ wide by 100′ tall swath of hillside and tree line on the opposite shore. (In these photos, we’re looking across the lake, and can see the waterline at the bottom of the projected image. The light beams are the projectors shooting through dust in the atmosphere.)

To create this effect, we laser-scanned the detailed contours of the hillside and tree line and projection-mapped the media to it. This served to create the illusion that you’re looking at projections on a vertical scrim, rather than a sloping hillside. We also included an interactive element, allowing people standing in front of a camera to have their images projected, intermixed with abstract media.

Whatever the media — from abstract to literal, ambient to active — large-scale landscape projections stop people in their tracks. Whether they’re used as a backdrop or a centerpiece, when the media is crafted to amplify the style, theme and spirit of an event, they’re an awe-inspiring, head-turning artistic attention-grabber whose visual impact is undeniable and memorable.