Obscura was invited to create the artistic centerpiece for Starry Nites, a music festival in Santa Barbara focused on environmental consciousness, creativity and human connection. To raise awareness of humankind’s impact on the environment, Obscura projected video of endangered species on a nearby mountainside and two large oak trees in the village center, including the startling illusion of the trees burning.

The Starry Nites project also invited audience participation in this interactive art installation. Obscura designed and fabricated a steel kiosk which attendees could use to insert themselves into the projections in realtime, establishing a personal connection with the underlying message.

Obscura used two 30k and two 22k lumen Christie projectors for the project, and the end result turned out even more stunning than anticipated. Projections onto the mountainside over a quarter mile away attracted the attention of the local fire department, who believed a wildfire had started — they were pleased to learn it was merely an illusion.