When commercial real estate developer Tishman Speyer wanted to showcase LUMINA, their latest luxury property in San Francisco, they turned to Obscura for creative technology innovation.

Obscura’s custom-designed hardware and software system for the LUMINA Sales Gallery provides an immersive projection platform for media content, which shows view options from different floors of the high-rise building, as well as views from different vantage points.

To orient visitors to the features of the 656-unit residence, Obscura partnered with Steelblue and provided specifications for panoramic views of the San Francisco skyline, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and viewscapes from day to night.

In addition to laser scanning the condo space for an accurate 3D model, Obscura built a simulated 3D environment projection-mapped onto a 72 ft long by 10 ft high curved wall. Twenty projectors are used to illuminate the wall, where visitors can interact with media via mobile devices and send messages to the interactive display to update visual media content.

This is one of the first times immersive simulation projection technologies have been used to support the real estate sales industry. To date, Obscura’s technology has enabled the LUMINA showroom to become the most successful residential sales gallery in San Francisco.

LUMINA Showroom Location: 289 Main St, San Francisco, CA 94105