Large scale architectural projection mapping Qasr Al Hosn

For the 4th Annual Qasr Al Hosn Festival, Obscura was tasked with helping create the most immersive experience of the festival yet.  The heart of the festival is passing on the knowledge and traditions of the Emirati people of Abu Dhabi and the fort itself.  The Qasr Al Hosn immersive tour featured three separate, progressive viewing environments that brought the past to life on its very walls, through beautiful artistic content, historic footage, and informative narrative.

Using 35 projectors, the 15-minute immersive tour tells the story of Qasr Al Hosn, the first permanent building on the island that has been used for a number of key community purposes; The Ruler’s Palace, as a Majilis, or top level meeting facility, and as a center of government.  Qasr Al Hosn is a symbol of history and the centerpiece of the story of how this small fishing village grew to become the high-rise modern city it is today.

Over 11,000 people visited throughout the 11-day festival in February.