In 2013, Obscura helped YouTube present live performances by some of the Internet’s biggest talent.

YouTube Brandcast is an event that showcases YouTube’s new channels and presents opportunities for brands to reach different audiences through digital video and across Google. More importantly, it’s a way for innovative brands to re-envision brand-building online.

Highlights of the night included Snoop Lion, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, dancer Lil Buck, 6-year-old dance prodigy “B-Girl Terra,” and speakers Felica Day and Brian Robbins.

Working hand-in-hand with the talent, Obscura conceptualized, created, and played back super-high-resolution media choreographed to each performance. The content was displayed on a custom-designed, large-scale video screen in front of a sold-out audience.

The Brandcast events provided an exclusive look into the future of the world’s largest video platform. Obscura helped clearly communicate YouTube’s story in a way that was dramatic, entertaining, and unforgettable.